Logotype Peyruc Luthier

Violin maker in Toulouse

I began my apprenticeship in 1999, at the I.P.I.A.L.L. Antonio Stradivari
in Cremona, Italy. I finished my training at the School of Stringed
Instrument-making in Mirecourt, where I was awarded my Craft Diploma in 2003.
In January 2009, I took over the Delfour workshop and settled in Toulouse.


Violon vu de face Violon vu de dos

An artisanal making
inherited from the sixteenth century

Modern and baroque violins, violas and cellos are hand-made, using techniques that have been employed since the 16th Century. The woods that I use are spruce, maple, poplar and pearwood. These are selected and dried naturally for several years. I take my inspiration from the great 16th, 17th and 18th Century Master instrument-makers of Cremona, Brescia and Venice.